flu N love

Love and flu have the same symptoms, some may say… I just realized it is true.

Flu will fill your eyes with tears, along with cough it’ll give you chest pains, every now and then you’ll have headaches and beware of dizziness.  For sure you’ll be feeling tired, will loss apetite, and will be having trouble to sleep…

LOVE for sure will make you cry, whenever is needed chest pains will appear in behalf of happiness or sadness, every fight will surely end with a headache and if love is crazy enough you’ll end vomiting (caused by dizziness). With so much feelings and emotions food will come to a second term, you’ll be experiencing fatigue as being up and down won’t be easy and for sure will have trouble to sleep, thinking in someone else won’t leave you alone at nights.

Whenever you are getting sick, you can barely notice… you may be sensitive but won’t be sure enough or won’t wanna realize about it (you’ll be thinking: “hopefully it’ll go away in no time, better do not put that much attention“). Days may go on and you’ll began to notice changes… little changes; all of a sudden you are asking for a kleenex or two, you’ll cough, if cold air is around and surely you’ll sneeze if the sweater is forgotten. But why shall we pay attention?  Why avoid this strange symptons, if you aren’t sure enough, yet… ? 😛 (that’s the real reason why we get sick… we usually don’t pay attention on time..)

Love goes the same… it sneaks slowly into your life without knocking at the door, and without even noticing it… Whenever you look around – YES, you are in love 😦 at first you dont believe it, then you don’t want to pay attention, then you simply ignore it and then… then you are already there taking the necessary meds.  (shall this be a usefull tip for you and perhaps the next time… you’ll know what to do ON TIME… – AVOID GETTING CAUGHT 😦 )

If you are unlucky enough… one will depend on the other / I’ve been sick all week long and I’m sure that my sadness or depression aren’t helping me; instead they are making me worse, shall my mood be rather happy, I’ll be already healed. (why this is true as your mood frame low your defense and turn you vulnerable to diseases… “Modern science confirms what most of us know: negative emotions can make you ill. The neurotransmitters that fire in the brain also connect with hormones, immune cells and organs, contributing to disease and poor health. However, the news is not all bad. Just as negative emotions and attitudes can create disease, positive emotions and uplifting thoughts are able to create good health. “  )