fighting and floating


Every now and then people keep asking me about us… I never really know what to answer, the best I can do is: “we float”
We aren’t fighting neither we are compromising, we just stand still, letting it flow, getting along. I can’t see us moving forward neither backwards, we just ARE. May somehow sounds frustraiting but I keep thinking: “this is what i signed up – gotta knew about this already… ” — kind of me deserving this… and then I recall my terapist: “where’s my self steem then?”

And actually the real problem comes out every time we fight, as we are yet so far from the word “stable”, ain’t so sure for the type of problem solving we are up to… and I keep thinking: “is this the last time?”, “is he coming back?”, “how long will this take?”, “who’s turn is it now?” / stupid questions normal couples doesn’t have to worry about as they know things will eventually come back to normal… for me, there’s no finding out the next step for floating there’s just waiting or giving up.

Today I’m counting 4 days, and my anger instead of calming down just brings my anger out. Im learning he likes to let time pass by so things can ease out… unfortunately for me, things work the other way around. Time isn’t healing, time is just fighting me back, driving me crazy and making my mind to come out with explanations.

Our pride – cause I do accept is my fault as well for letting my pride take part – is drifting us down…

He’ve been partying and having a blast – WITHOUT ME – since thursday night and my anger and pride just keep growing the anger in me. Friday night he prefered to look apart, and on Saturday he took his “pride suit” even though I tried some yelling. Today sunday WE turn rather indifferent… is there anything left for tomorrow?  I can’t think of tomorrow… keep waiting for him to realize… but he won’t

Weekend is over already, tomorrow is a new week and all I can manage is “what the hell is he thinking for not calling me and trying to solve things” – he can’t care less… and I can’t stand it anymore

As time goes by and our problems just seem to be bigger for me.
Hopefully someday I’ll be stronger to say “Even though it hurts, I’m ending with something that didn’t even started (but for now just… please…  PROVE ME WRONG) 

Fui por ti un ave que no se atrevio a volar
creí en ti y así me fui olvidando de mi
viví muriendo por estar siguiéndote a ti
y a tus sueños

Hoy ya sé que tus mentiras fueron mi realidad
ya que tu solo amabas tu vanidad
ya ves no fue mi culpa solo fueron tus miedos

Me voy porque contigo piso en falso una ves mas
me voy porque el silencio pesa mas que tu verdad
me voy sin miedo a equivocarme
hoy pongo fin a lo que nunca empezó

Sin ti la vida duele menos
sin ti camino por el cielo
y así soy todo lo que quiero
tengo un mundo tan perfecto sin ti
Sin ti ahora soy tan libre
sin ti ya nada es imposible
y aquí el tiempo ya no vuelve
y aunque a ti te duele que yo sea feliz
ya estas lejos de mi

Tu te ves en un espejo y se convierte en papel
no hay mas que un corazón vacío pido piedad por ti
que no mereces nada de lo que yo te di

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