Love as a DECISION not a feeling


Haven’t heard of him yet… Today: 5 days and counting.
I would love to say: “it’s a matter of time and hold on tight”; but still then… he isn’t exactly bringing flowers to my door.

so, what now?

With all this days passing by, peace and calm ain’t surrounding me… instead anger is growing and so much anger turns in dissapointment. Next step: resignation turning indifference.  You know what they say: “distance is forgetting”

Right now fighting this feeling feels like adrenaline inside me, but I’m already feeling the end in here…  And if this is not the end… OUR future end seems so full of indifference – as I’m living the moment now.

I can’t expect for nothing at this time… would love him to show some effort or interest but really ain’t hoping for nothing just for time to go by…

With all this thinking, I’ve been collecting ideas and advices
and even got slammed in the face with this text asking: “Is he the right one?”

I do believe relationships have a cycle. (getting to now each other, falling in love, tolerance, stability, respect, and then slopes you either go up and keep climbing or choose to go down and fall…. )
At first you fall deeply in love, anticipate his calls, wanna keep in touch, love his manners. Falling in love was so easy… in fact completely natural, gotta do nothing to be there! The thing is, it is so easy consecuences may apply… and as time goes by you suddenly stop tolerating, stop calling, you are needing more space and manners aren’t ok anymore.

That’s when you go asking: AM I WITH THE RIGHT PERSON? and things fall apart… The key of success here ain’t finding the right person is rather learning to love to found person.
(I always repeat to myself: LOVE WON’T LAST LONG – at this point Im not sure, any longer, if Love in fact exists…)

You need to know keeping love alive isn’t easy, it’s a daily work and attention, you need to put time, effort and energy.
And Love isn’t a big science, with time you know what to do…
Love has laws… ain’t a mistery therefore:

LOVE is a decision not just a feeling!

A desicion of behaviour, for certain feelings, limits… kind of an investment cause you are spending (life, money, time…)

so go decide not if its the right person, decide whether it is worth the effort, time and full investment…