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he saved me

One day I met #AE and then I realized that he had been in front of me all the time. #AE has been exaggeratedly special to me and I simply don’t know how I had not seen him. I’ve been crying for months, almost a year for waiting for my someone else to come back, for him to change, missing a thousand things … (which I honestly didn’t do with my ex), and suddenly one day I realized that things hadn’t to be that bad and I couldn’t understand what have I been crying or missing that much.

#AE is a true gentleman and makes me feel like I haven’t felt years ago, really special and unique and perfect. He has a very delicate way of treating me and I feel safe with him, I can be me. #AE not only makes me forget about HIM, it makes me feel like I’ve been so wrong for a long time. I, not sure where we are heading nor if this will last, I only know that he has been a lifesaver for me and I for him. He makes me happy and he makes time to run faster. He makes me forget about everything, EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE.
For now…


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