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Customizing my men

Instead of complaining for whether he has this or that (requirements on my list) I’m writing for defining my prince charming. I believe this will help me to visualize him and then being able to find it  ♥

  • for sure OLDER than me (+26) –> *starring  5 years
  • taller than me (1.64 cm / 5ft 4.6in ) –>*starring 1.80 cm / 5ft.11 in
  • size large
  • university degree completed –> *starring any engineering or finance
  • likely to dance salsa –> *starring knowing how to
  • a good family relationship
  • being a leader, high-profile –> *starring decision-making
  • a car of his own –> without minding the type or brand, I’m staring if it’s from the current year
  • economic possibilities –> *starring having a job
  • have been to USA –> *starring frequency
  • likely to have wine and cheese nights
  • good manners, being clean  –> *starring my parents approval (isn’t that tough 🙂 )
  • being polite –> *starring carrying or watching out for my purse 🙂
  • sporty –> *starring attending regularly to a gym or races, anything frequently
  • pets loving –> *starring caring for dogs

Useful tips :

  • good sense for dressing
  • music preferences: of all kind –> strring if he wouldn’t mind going to a jazz, rock or romantic style concert
    – my preferences: beyonce, metallica, raul ornelas, rhcp, bep, oasis, the doors, the beatles, presuntos implicados, shakira, celine dion, john mayer, avantasia… (bit of everything 😛 )
  • beard 🙂


  • Skinny body, skinny pants skinny nothing
  • bad words in front of me
  • smoking
  • without car
  • without studies
  • drugs
  • bite nails
  • shut me down when singing
  • long hair
  • be virgin :/


  • belly, somehow fat –> not looking for a perfect body
  • bad words
  • smoke
  • unromantic


Prince-Charminghave seen him?


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metallica, oasis, rhcp absolut bottles cinema, geek, superpowers!

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