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A knight’s shining armor goes down…


Just had this talk with him, and everything started when I dared to compare him with David Duchovny –> Hank Moody in Californication [TV] (for true, age is the one only difference).

** he was offended, didn’t like me to called him that, something about me being the last person who shall see him that way as he have treated me different –> slightly different may I say – in a worst scenario, well I feel pity for other girls :/

“tú me haces actuar diferente,
tú logras rompre con esa armadura
que al parecer es inquebrantable”

Can you people manage how long have I waited to hear this words? (about 14 monthslet me clear some doubts by explaining we met about 2 past octobers and we didn’t, even make it till february 14th that year / go do maths…) and all of a sudden, some casual bbm chat seems like the perfect time and space.

” Eres una persona que en mí supiste romper barreras
y cambiar actitudes y la forma en la que te percibía”

Can’t buy this story now! Why now?
What was the problem back then? For sure I haven’t change
(may my age fit so right, as well as the experience I’ve been through,
that I’ve decided, long ago, to stay and be the same way)
and again, I’m here AGAIN, like if nothing had happened…
with this stupid feelings and butterflies
and the moment when you pretend
all the past time never actually happened.

once, twice and countless times

and can even remember a few #still

Now im supposed to “go for it” ? or whats the deal now?
I’M NOT FALLING AGAIN… (we’ve been working on that, right?)

now and then, he hides behind this story, a wall of pains and the rudeness of an armor which prevents him from any harm but the one made by him, and surely not to him. But what about us, weak souls trapped into his net…  and now we are supposed to UNDERSTAND? was he kind enough to understand me or care about me, back then??

How easy may life seem for a few…

” A todo eso hay cosas de fondo pero esas son de lo más difícil que hay en mi,  Son cosas que de alguna forma me hicieron como soy y es por eso que se lo desearía a nadie y al no sentirme preparado o como lo quieras ver, prefiero elegir yo”

So he have been deciding… for both of us.
I was ready for deciding back then #DAMMIT

hank moody

I disgust myself but I am not unhappy about that either


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